Create-a-Snowman Game

Here’s an easy, no-mess, low-prep story time activity that was plenty of fun.

This activity would work with almost any snowman book you have, but I used Just a Snowman, by Mercer Mayer.  The kids love looking for the little mouse and the spider that Mayer is known for including in not-so-obvious places in his illustrations. (In fact, it became so disruptive when kids continued to point them out on every single page, I suggested that instead they could put their hand on their head to indicate they spotted them.  Much better!)

IMG_6982I used some blank white dice that were leftover in some dusty boxes of math manipulatives.  No one I asked seemed to know what they were originally intended for, so I re-purposed them for this drawing game, by drawing snowman parts on them with Sharpie markers.  Regular dice could be used if you draw on adhesive labels, cut them to fit, and stick them on top of the dots.

DSC04973Each student had one page with a blank snowman outline.  They took turns rolling the three dice together on the tray, and could choose one item to draw on each turn. For some, it was their first experience rolling dice.  Their teacher must be doing a great job teaching them to take turns, because they nailed that part.  They demonstrated great self-control too, drawing only one snowman part on each turn.  In addition to the hat, scarf, arms, buttons, eyes, mouth, sunglasses, carrot nose, and mittens, they really loved having the “?” symbol on the dice, which meant they could add anything they wanted.

IMG_6980 IMG_6981I have so many more of these blank white dice, I’m pondering what other ways I could repurpose them.  Suggestions welcome!