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What to do when you find someone selling a large bowl-full of assorted scrabble letters for 10 cents each at a flea market:








Scrabble Library Bulletin Board

Scrabble Bulletin Board DSC04964

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m fortunate to work with some insanely creative co-workers in Youth Services at the public library. They are such an inspiration to stretch my bulletin board making skills, just to do my part to keep up the high standard.

Nearly every shift I work there, patrons exclaim their delight at the many whimsical bulletin boards, and tell us how much they appreciate them. After they are taken down, I’ve been permitted to re-install some of them at the elementary library where I also work, so they are given a second life, with all new patrons to appreciate them.

Today, I’m sharing this Scrabble board display with you, created by one of my co-workers to go along with the current game theme.