Genre Identification Game

The free website, has a selection of pre-made game templates that can be easily tailored for library learning activities. I used the “Random Name Picker” option, which creates a colorful spinning wheel with names or a word list that are entered.

I tried it for the first time last week, and made this literary genre identification game.  Before 3rd grade classes entered the library, I set books of various genres on every chair.  Students investigated the book on the chair where they sat down, and looked for clues to determine what genre the book was.  Either I or a student touched the iPad screen to spin the wheel, and students who felt they had the genre that was selected stood up to tell why they thought their book belonged in that category.

Could you do this activity without a spinning wheel?  Of course, but I think the fun and suspense of wondering what  genre it would land on next kept students more alert and engaged.


The game also has the option to remove a name once it has been used,
which is ideal for this activity, so that genres aren’t repeated.


Check out the ClassTools website and see what games you are inspired to create!