About me

I am a Certified Instructional Media Resource Assistant.  I am employed part-time at two libraries:  I work as a library technician in Youth Services at a public library, and as a library media assistant at a K-6 elementary school.

At the public library, I am part of a team of capable and inspiring co-workers that work in Children’s Reference, and we provide programming for babies through teens.  I create and present programs for grades K-5.

At the elementary school, I am the sole staff member in the library, with an enrollment of 750 transitional kindergartners through 6th graders. I host a “Library Experience” entirely of my own choosing for all of the classes, in conjunction with book check out.  Shout out to my wonderful principal, who coined the term, and gave me the freedom to create it.

Working these two positions enables me to have varied, yet complementary, work experiences. I find that I am able to use what I learn and use at one institution at the other, and it enhances my ability to be successful in both positions.

My personal goal is simple: help children have a positive connection to books, every time they come in the door to the library. From there, the benefits are endless.

Enough of that.  Let’s get to the fun part!  Please enjoy checking out the library experiences and storytimes I have shared with you.

10 comments on “About me

  1. Sue, this is absolute library programming gold! I think you should do a presentation at CLA or another children’s library conference, because there are so many librarians who would love your ideas.


  2. Where are you a Librarian? As a Librarian myself, you are the at the top of my list at the most creative! I would love to see you in action in your Library!


  3. Love it! Great ideas I can’t wait to do! I appreciate that you discuss what works and what doesn’t to help with implementing ideas during class time.


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