How to get students to “Bring Them Back” at the end of the year

I’m having so much fun with this library parody of the Frozen song, Let it Go.

I’ve been playing it at the beginning of every class visit on the big screen, using an iPad and Apple TV. We listen to it once, and then I play it again and use cue cards, so students can sing along. (It never hurts to mention how well another class performed it, to promote a little informal, friendly competition.) If you don’t have a big screen in your library, you could email the link to teachers to play in the classroom.

I’m sharing the cue cards below, in case you want to use them. I changed the line, “Just pay a fee,” to “There is no fee,” because I don’t charge late fees.  I transcribed the lyrics from listening to it over and over, so they are as close as I could decipher them.

I hope this song gets stuck in their heads, like it is in mine.

Leave me a comment, and let me know if you try it.