Where’s Waldo in the Library?


Waldo pictures

As part of my elementary  library orientation at the beginning of the year, I take advantage of the irresistible, universal childhood need to find Waldo, wherever he may be hiding.

I printed and laminated multiple Waldo pictures in a variety of poses, Waldo’s dog, and Waldo’s girlfriend.  I tape them with blue carpenter’s tape around the library in different sections, hidden in plain sight.

I hand out cards to random students, and ask them to stand up one at a time, and locate Waldo in the Fiction section, or locate Waldo in the Picture book section, etc.  Everyone helps out with “You’re getting warmer/colder” comments, and it gets everyone’s attention, because, of course, everyone wants to visually locate him before the student who is actually charged with pointing him out.

I have also worn a red and white striped shirt with blue jeans, to add to the fun.



Where do you think I taped Waldo’s dog?   In the 636 section, of course!

Ready for more fun with Where’s Waldo at the Library from Candlewick Press?

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